PHOTO/GENICS + CO is a Los Angeles-based aromatics brand creating custom home and fine fragrances. It was conceived in 2017 as a subdivision of Photogenics Media, one of LA’s premier fashion agencies. 

PHOTO/GENICS + CO fragrances are deeply rooted in a holistic and organic California lifestyle, using custom essential oil blends and ingredients. The one-of-a-kind scents draw on the therapeutic properties and psychoactive effects of herbs and plants, and are presented in sculptural vessels with a nod to the brutalist architectural movement.


PHOTO/GENICS + CO’s mission is to:  

-Create meaningful products that smell beautiful

-Create products that are deeply connected to the earth

-Create products that celebrate the beauty of each user’s being, regardless of gender 

-Create unique and sculptural products that are beautiful, sexy, and bold 


Nicole Bordeaux grew up in Los Angeles, but spent years all over the globe working in the fashion industry. Her fascination for medicinal herbs began at a young age, when Nicole’s mother would drag her to hippy communes and theosophical camps throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Her contribution to the camps was in the garden, where Nicole would assist holistic leaders in treating all sorts of aches and pains with medicinal herbs. It was here that Nicole gained her passion for the therapeutic properties of herbs and scents. 

Years later, Nicole became immersed in the world of iconic global fashion and art at a young age. In 1990, after ending a glamorous (but penniless) career working with icon Guy Bourdin for French Vogue, Nicole moved back to LA from Paris to create her own scouting company / modeling agency. Photogenics Media found its home within Smashbox Studios with the Factor brothers. The Hayden Tract neighborhood of Culver City, where her office was located, and its brutalist architecture and monochromatic raw surfaces was reimagined within her brand. 

These inspirations, coupled with the visions from her time in creative fashion and modeling, have lasted 30+ years, and now transcend into the newly created PHOTO/GENICS + CO fragrances. 

PHOTO/GENICS + CO was formed in late 2017 when Nicole felt an urge to create a brand that replicated her experiences and inspiration from the beautiful creatures and places she had been. Photogenics Media had already become one of LA’s top agencies and had established a unique sense of aura and place worldwide. Nicole felt that it was time to create a brand that echoed this unique sentiment.

Looking back to her childhood years - her fascination with medicinal herbs, her time spent selling wine bottles and beer cans with dripped wax over them in the late 70’s, her long and winded career in high, creative fashion, Nicole ultimately made the decision to focus on luxury fragrance. 

Since the debut, PHOTOGENICS + CO has grown from candles to a collection of room sprays, perfume, roll-ons, and hand soaps, with a lot more in store. Nicole is extremely proud of the brand and team she has created, and hopes to instill connection, creativity, and a sense of place within other people’s hearts as well.