PHOTOGENICS + CO is a unique, fashion-forward, luxe fine fragrance and home fragrance brand. We are dedicated to harnessing the extraordinary ability of herbs and plants to enhance your sensory DNA. To intoxicate you through beautifulLY crafted vessels, intoxicating sCENTS, and STRIKING images DEPICTING the power of the modern youth.

We are a fashion forward brand. we redesign intimate spaces with modern spiritual undertones. Our home fragrances [inspired by the concept of AIR] and our fine fragrances [rooted in the essence of SKIN] represent a harmonious blend of nature’S therapeutic properties and psychoactive effects.

We use only high grade oils and materials. Our objects are meant to be kept.

We are sustainable, we are sculptural, we are bold, and we are for EVERY BODY.

Our mission is to transport you on a journey that transcends you to a beautiful place and time. We are immersed in the healing embrace of the modern & natural world. We believe in the connection of your environment and your spiritual well-being. We are here to take you on a unexpected journey.

 We are here to INTOXICATE you.